EKSA players might be described as living by the slogan "see the world, meet interesting people...and kill them". Immersion within the world is important to these players, because they love finding new things to explore--but they also enjoy the thrill of the hunt and finding other players within the world to fight.
Explorer: 67%, Killer: 67%, Socializer: 53%, Achiever: 13%
Ceterum autem censeo, the Goons esse delendam.

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Join Date: 12-23-2008
The People's Republic of Northern California
Learning Photoshop
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Cicatrices Bellorum
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West Coast NA
What is your playing style?:
Explorer: 67%, Killer: 67%, Socializer: 53%, Achiever: 13%; Roleplayer; Irekei 4 Life.
What attracts you to the Duchy of Wessex?:
1) PvP 2) The Vision 3) I heard there were cookies.
Do you have much experience with MMORPGs?:
Some, but like a male songbird I forget it all every winter and have to learn it again in the spring.
In a competitive world like Darkfall, where would your strengths lie?:
Firm grasp of reality even while roleplaying; friendly, outgoing, ready to ask the next question; resilient; stubborn when need be; curious; wary; from a long line of warrior-poets and other questionable antecedents. I can only hope to boost morale but I'm certain that people laugh when I'm around. I'm also a human compass: my sense of direction is nearly 100% inaccurate, so just ask me where North is and that will be South.
How were you referred to the Duchy of Wessex?:
I came to spy, and stayed for pie! Plus Sir Nihilum talked me into it.
Character Name::
Laylah Kindred
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GMT - 8
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Weekends - Morning, Weekends - Afternoon, Weekends - Evening, Weekdays - Evening, Unpredictable - Sporadic, Constantly - I Have A Life!

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