Written In Sand

Vorona Corax av Coraxal, MMORPG character circa 2003
Due to recently having necrolinked elsewhere to something I wrote while playing Shadowbane six years ago, I think I might as well admit that I'm a serial blogger when it comes to games; here's "Written In Sand":
I do not live in a City. I live in a Vir'akt. Our Vir'akt'al may have many cities, or one, or none.

My life is bound to a Tree, but it dwells & burns in my Body and in those of my Children.

I do not live in a House. I live in a Tent.

Had I a House, it might be destroyed. What I have is a Home, and it is wherever I feed my Children and sleep by my Husband's side-- thus, my Home cannot be destroyed.

I do not place my back to a Wall and fight. I place my back against the backs of those in my Family, my Tribe, and my Kin both far and near. Thus, wherever I am, a Fortress is around me.

As long as I have the Vir beneath my feet, I am where I Belong.

As long as the Krykhalin is in the sky, it is a Good Day.

The above is the one thing from that time I hope I never forget. In fact, as of yet I haven't; seeing Lawrence of Arabia the other night reminded me of it, as did the destruction of the Kingdom of Hyperion in Darkfall.

Pictured above: Vorona 1.0
Pictured below: Vorona 2.0
Vorona, the Sequel-- coming soon to a North American Darkfall Server

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