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TBH, re Goons Esse Delendam

One outstanding way of disinforming an individual or a group is to say the absolute truth in such a way that no-one will believe it.
Ceterum autem censeo, Goons esse delendam.

Ceterum Autem Censeo, Goons Esse Delendam

Originally Posted by GluttonySDS
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You have 2 choices:

1.) You can choose to work with Awful Company accepting myself, Lord Gluttony, as your MMO savior. With this enlightened approach to Darkfall, you will be treated as a true disciple of mine and a member of the Awful Company alliance. Your loyalty and proper tribute to Awful Company will ensure you and your guild members will achieve success and dominance over all of Agon.

2.) You can choose to defy my wishes and those of my disciples. In doing so, you will be damning yourself to an unecessarily unpleasant and frustrating Darkfall experience.
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You're either with us or against -- and let's be honest, wouldn't you rather be the one doing the raping?

I forget, was there Kool-Aid offered to drink with that?
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Ceterum autem censeo, Goons esse delendam.