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-- In the barrel today: A little bit of everything from Stratics IRC and Mumble --

the trout in the barrel come back
the trout in the barrel come back
(Trout City 11 of 40)

Lepida: If Rathius and Necro are getting it on, one of them has got to be in the Barrel. If you know what I mean.

Ariae: Rathius clearly needs a man's touch, he's about to jump off a cliff.

[11:00] * [AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani slaps Angrybarrel around for a while with a narhwal¹ .
[11:00] <[AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani> Every great guild has a Barrel.

[11:00] < angrybarrel > hi

[11:00] <[AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani> hi.
[11:00] <[AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani> NO.

[11:00] < angrybarrel > hi

[11:03] <[AI]BaurusJA> Barrel I got your application. Unfortunately we don't allow "fisting" in our guild. :o
[11:03] <[AI]BaurusJA> :p

[11:03] * [AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani notes that Baurus considers that "unfortunate".

[11:03] <[AI]BaurusJA> Indeed. It is unfortunate, but Shinzon's the boss and he says no
[11:04] <[AI]BaurusJA> We already have Bukkake Wednesday. Shinzon really wasn't a fan of Fisting Friday

[11:05] <[AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani> Mordkessel used to have ...that... too.
[11:06] <[AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani> They're the first place I heard or saw or learned what that word meant.

[11:06] <[AI]BaurusJA> lol

[11:07] <[AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani> Before that, I innocently thought it was some kind of term in their RP-moon-language for "male bonding". You know, from context.
[11:08] <[AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani> But then, they had one character who never said anything in the game but his name. "Squish".

[11:08] <[AI]BaurusJA> hahaha. It could be male bonding, but a very uuhhh well messy form of male bonding
[11:08] <[AI]BaurusJA> lol, dirty minds. Would have fit well in AI

[11:08] <[AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani> So I was set up to accept all kinds of eccentricities from them.
[11:11] <[AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani> But they had a Barrel. The Anvil Society, and by extension Wessex, have a Barrel.

Every guild organised past a certain point does.
[11:12] <[AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani> And if you don't see the Barrel, chances are that you are in it.

[11:17] <[AI]BaurusJA> lol

[11:21] <[AI]BaurusJA> I don't get the goons fascination with pissing off the "serious players". I understand being counter cultural, but don't counter cultural people usually have kind of useful purpose?
[11:21] <[AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani> A useful purpose of their own? Not necessarily.

  • (Yes, I am implying the possibility that they are Useful Idiots, and yes, I mean it to sting.)

[10:42] <tricit> it was so funny trolling so hard core while Maerlyn was away

[10:42] <sin> so the mrym guys only lurk around MK???

[10:43] <tricit> you mean they only hack around mk?
[10:43] <tricit> by hack I mean hack wood
[10:43] <tricit> from trees

[10:43] <[Prophecy]TheMap> that dapple wood tree is epic

[10:43] <[AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani> If they're not lurking, slinking, or hacking... at wood... it's not the Myrmidons.

[10:44] <[AI]BaurusJA> lol

[10:44] <tricit> they're going to just ban the word hacking

[10:44] <daakkon> i'll ban you from life

[10:45] <[AI]BaurusJA> that's a dirty trick Lepida. Suggesting that you're still in WSX! Oh the humanity! :p

[10:45] <[AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani> I *am* still in Wessex.
[10:45] <[AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani> This is just protective colouration. Or maybe pajamas.

[10:46] <[AI]BaurusJA> lol
[10:46] <[AI]BaurusJA> Necrojamas?

[10:47] <[Mahti]Zheo> is this the new hyperion [AI][WSX] ? :O

[10:47] <[AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani> Necro doesn't wear pajamas. He sleeps commando, when he sleeps at all.

[10:47] <[AI]BaurusJA> lol

[10:47] <[AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani> Oh, calm down, Mahti. It's not what it looks like and it's all Angrybarrel's fault. And Shinzon's.

[10:47] <[AI]BaurusJA> [12:47] <[Mahti]Zheo> is this the new hyperion [AI][WSX] ?---------> will we rule the world?
[10:48] <[AI]BaurusJA> :p

[10:48] * [AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani categorically denies everything.

[10:48] <[Prophecy]TheMap> mm
[10:48] <[Prophecy]TheMap> That name hurts my head.

[10:49] <[AI]BaurusJA> I can't confirm or deny anything. So I won't even go as far as Lepida will to deny anything
[10:49] <[AI]BaurusJA> I will say sources inside AI believe that Lepida is a Wessex spy
[10:49] <[AI]BaurusJA> :D

[10:49] <tricit> the most fun I had in game was having a super hot time in the cave with the minotaurs

[10:49] <[AI]BaurusJA> I didn't say it

[10:50] <[AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani> To deny something is to give a comment, and Baurus is way too Mossad for that.

[10:50] <tricit> what are you not confirming or denying
[10:50] <tricit> I am so confused

[10:50] <[AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani> Tricit, you entertain me so much. =)

[10:51] <[AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani> Everything you all need to know about Wessex may be summed up in this video:

Rammstein | Links 2 3 4
Uploaded by phatt.

[10:51] <[AI]BaurusJA> Well yeah I mean if Lepida didn't say it already i wouldn't have to make a comment neither confirming nor denying that I am Israeli

[10:51] <tricit> you're talking about wessex?

[10:52] <[AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani> And the moral of the story, boys and girls, is to leave the happy little beer-drinking, soccer-playing, head-banging, roleplaying Ants ... *alone*.

[10:52] <[AI]BaurusJA> but I am actually Irish/Polish, but it's up to you to figure out if I'm Jewish or not :)

[10:52] <tricit> baurus Israelis are sometimes goodlucking and sometimes they're butterfaces

[10:52] <[AI]BaurusJA> Traceur???
[10:52] <[AI]BaurusJA> :p

[10:52] <[AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani> ...why does his name always come up?

[10:52] <[AI]BaurusJA> because he actually is israeli

[10:52] <[AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani> But WSX, too, has a Desert Prince.
[10:53] <[AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani> Who just turned 18, ladies; form a single-file line.

[10:57] <tricit> are russians butterfaces?

[10:57] <[AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani> well, Shinzon's pretty cute.
[10:59] <[AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani> But one really should go to http://englishrussia.com/ and make up one's own mind.

[10:59] <[AI]BaurusJA> For a Russian Canadian :p
[10:59] <[AI]BaurusJA> I love that website

[11:02] <[IMG]Isher> you can make jokes about elves

[11:03] <oromea|taz> lol
[11:03] <oromea|taz> isher no he cant!

[11:03] <daakkon> okay
[11:03] <daakkon> what do you call an elf in a tree with a briefcase?

[11:03] <oromea|taz> that's racism too
[11:03] <oromea|taz> make jokes with Laylah instead

[11:03] <daakkon> a branch manager

[11:04] <[AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani> Oh, leave Laylah in her grave.
[11:04] <[AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani> Bloody necrophile.

[11:04] <Daakkon> cannibal corpse's song necropediphile [CAUTION: NSF Work or Happiness]
[11:04] <Daakkon> is really good

[11:05] <@kootenay> Ok guys time to change the topic

[11:05] * [AI]shh[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani 's fingers twitch as she resists the urge to correct the spelling of that word.

¹ Narwhals: Because a trout-slapping is so last-century.
Just don't let 'em touch your balls.

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