"Go Away, Go Play WoW" -- What about POST NO BILLS?

Post No Bills.Image by Gregalicious via Flickr
Heavy Metal wrote, in "Stop Telling Players To Go Away And Play WoW": Lets start focusing on getting more people to play, as opposed to sending the ones who want to play and are whining about the game, away.

MO needs more publicity...'
I will agree with this part of the OP as well as the title. Those are the important ideas, and the rest is immaterial whether anyone agrees with it or not.

The "Go 'Way-- Go Play WoW" sign outside the Mortal Online forums tree-fort is looking tacky and weathered, and the attention that so many people are paying to what other games people play or might play is wasted; better spent elsewhere even if they find the results amusing.

(Zen Lesson, Additional:  And, everyone (from some other's point of view) 'whines'.  How anyone can whine about the fact that people whine is just absurdity overload to me.  It's a given.  No one ever stopped anyone from doing it in this kind of arena without consequences: The Internet.  The only way not to add to the sum of whining here is not to pay it attention when others do; just give your own opinion and relax.  Now, drop and give me 20 deep breaths.)

In the spirit of that statement, let's encourage publicising Mortal Online in more and different places, because, face it: these forums are a car wreck that it's hard to extract information from without getting sick to one's stomach¹, despite a lot of good folks' best efforts.

¹ I love this metaphor and want to have its babies; sorry. Baurus has said stuff 15x worse, anyway.