If Black Cats Had Silver Eyes

There is no sign of dawn, yet, not at 3:30 in a winter morning, but the quarter moon is about a hand and a finger over the eastern horizon, shining through a dense high fog and looking like the waking eye of a sleepy, vengeful cat goddess-- if black cats had silver eyes.

I find I have patched the Rift while I was asleep. This is far, far easier than Mortal Online, already, and I haven't played, yet.

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Pay no attention. I'm rambling. It's early. I'll make more sense after a shower and a hot bath.

For the record, I wish Rathius Saranoth and the Talar Matar Academy every success and due credit for keeping the Other Spirit of Inquisition alive, even if we could not keep him on the faculty of the Royal Academy of Wessex (here, for those of you with access already).

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