MMO Success? I scoff in your general direction

Would you consider MMORPGs who had their player base leaving in droves at launch, still alive but never really recovered their subscribers number, successful?

I don't feel like answering. I do feel like spiking the question. 

"Success" is always reflexive or referential, in that it pertains to some other action. "Succeeds at what?"

To say that someone or some THING is successful is to refer to some explicit or heavily implicit standard, or it is nearly meaningless.

On the internet, where everything is at risk of being more nearly meaningless than elsewhere, the standard had best be heavily explicit or the question of whether a thing is successful-- posed there-- is pretty useless.

What's heavily implicit to you is not necessarily heavily implicit to anyone else who'd give you an answer you had to think about.

If you don't want to think about the answers, there's only one reason you're asking the question: Troll.

The utility of this thread will be found in the discussion of what constitutes success, if anywhere, and the most interest found in those things not mentioned in the OP question, like... Darkfall.

If any one of you were choosing a game to play based on how you'd be judged for choosing that particular one to play, one might have already lost, as in the larger scheme of things gaming itself does not make one cool and can be said (because saying stuff is cheap) to make one definitely not cool.

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Distilled said...

Not cool? I refuse to believe it.