Out With The Old Tools, In With The New

The original or old-school pickaxe, and worn short sword, both pictured below:
Tools, Old and New, In Mortal Online
They have been replaced by, also shown, the Axe and the Pickaxe, and by the "new" Worn Shortsword sold by Utility Vendors everywhere (sold at the same price as the tools they replaced: 1 silver).

    Things to Note:
  • The new Axe is also a weapon, which the Old Pickaxe is not.
  • The new Worn Short Sword has a different icon in inventory, but I have not noticed any between its appearance and that of the old one, in-game.
  • The old Pickaxe has a different icon in inventory and a different skin in-game than either of its replacements.
  • The old Pickaxe was used for both mining and woodchopping.
  • The old versions are tradable, but "blessed", meaning they respawn with you upon death. The new Axe, at least, does not.
  • "Blessed" though they are, the old implements are still subject to loss of durability and will eventually disappear with enough use.
  • None of the older versions weigh anything, which allowed one to carry as many as would fit in inventory.

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