Sun Wheel Will Help Decide

The Sun Knows Best

My character, 'Casilda', and I rely more often than I'd like to admit on this wheel for a clue as to what to do in Mortal Online (example: during extraction timers):


  • Don't Worry - Be Happy
  • Worry
  • Smile
  • Think
  • Scheme
    1. Like thinking,
    2. but ...
    3. ???
    4. ... more profitable.
  • Before Enlightenment: Carry Wood, Haul Water
  • After Enlightenment: Carry Wood, Haul Water
    • Together, the two above are a paraphrase of a single 'Zen proverb' of dubious provenance.
  • (Odin)
    • This spoke on the wheel is permission to go a little mad.
    • (Everything is possible and nothing is real.)
  • Climb Something
  • "Perhaps They're Only Hungry"
    • Donald Duck once thought this about a fractious trio of nephews (Huey, Dewey, and Louis), and Casilda characteristically hopes this about random brigands who accost her. 
      • Disclaimer: Suggestion only fitted for use in comic stories! Do not attempt in Real Life!
  • Lose Mount Under The Hungry Earth
    • If you've played Mortal Online long enough, I don't have to tell you-- you know what this means.
  • Think About Nihilanth
    • Miss Nihilanth
      • Naturally, Casilda does both of the above.
  • Notes for Sermon
    • There's always a next sermon.
  • Ditch Work, Go Fishing
    • And by fishing, I mean opening Boxes, Jars, etc.
  • Keep Calm and Carry On Mining
  • Never Too Much Calx
  • Grind Rocks
  • Make Cuprum
  • Never Stop Chopping
  • Pick Oats
  • Don't Just Stand There; Pick Something
  • Grind Grains
  • "Work, Work"
    • Simple words of wisdom from an Orc Peon in another time, another place.
  • Bless Them
  • Bury The Dead
    • There are a lot of corpses on the streets.
  • Chide the Wicked
  • Comfort the Oppressed
  • Oppress the Comfortable
  • Clothe the Naked
  • Feed the Hungry
  • Buy Arrows
  • Buy Bandages
    • Either of the two above are good general advice, but each is-- for me-- mostly irrelevant to present skills.
  • Put In A Petition
    • The Squeaky Wheel.
  • Peruse Forum
  • Look Up Information
  • Read About Heraldry
  • Wait
    • See the "23 Minute Rule".
  • Sleep
    • Chuck Norris, it was said, did not 'Sleep'; he would only Wait. But in MO, the wise may do both.
  • Read Aloud
  • Get Stuck
  • The MO version of "wax on, wax off".
  • "Itch between Shoulderblades" means MOVE NOW
    • A kind of premonition and advice on what to do with it when it comes that I've been giving myself, in games, since 2001.
  • Check the Broker
  • Tell Joke in /Guild
  • Pants Check on [NAME]
    • In MO, you never know when there's a naked 'toon standing behind you. Remind each: Pants Mean Dignity!
  • Spin Again
    • Self-explanatory.
  • Take Fall Damage
    • Since this has been known to happen anywhere, sometimes without movement to cause it, it's fun from time to time to do it on purpose. Also, my Landing Technique still needs a few more points of work.
  • Sing "Nine Pound Hammer"

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