Golden Cage, a poem by Lepida

Originally posted on DeviantArt:

In a tent of black, inside a tent of white,
To dim and to cool the desert's deadly light,
Sultry midday and sweltering afternoon
She sleeps away in an insensible swoon
And every midnight she weeps with rage,
And rattles the bars of her golden cage.

No moonlight nor daylight may she now behold
Unless she is collared and leashed in his gold;
Unless on a tether that's held by the hand
Of the cruel Irekei Blood Lord of the land.
And every midnight she weeps in desire
From his foul burning touch that feels like fire.

And her voice is raised both by night and at morn
In fear and in wrath, and in mourning and scorn;
But no song she sings, and no tune she can make
Can ever undo her most dreadful mistake.
And every midnight she weeps at the thought
That her life in chains with her honour was bought.

And her voice is raised in the dusk and the dawn
In wonderful singing of beautiful song;
She thought herself sly, but who was more clever?
Now he will keep her for ever, and ever.
And every midnight she weeps for the stars,
With her fingers strumming the cold golden bars.

Yet true to their bargain, this Irekei lord
has repaid the Elf with the best of his hoard:
Silk dresses to wear, and jewels without number
Soft velvet cushions to lie on and slumber
And every midnight she weeps while she sings
For freedom more precious than these precious things.

Another poem inspired by adventures in Shadowbane-- this one never to be fully finished, as so much that began to be played out on the Mourning server never was or will be. (That's the nature of the game.)

Thank you to Secularum Corax and his player for the threat and promise of keeping Lepida in a golden cage.

Labeling this piece 'fan fiction' (which it is) will hopefully not appall those readers who weren't expecting poetry-- but I suspect it is better to be surprised by poetry when expecting fanfic than ambushed by fanfic when expecting poetry.