Cicatrices Bellorum, a Darkfall PvP Clan

Greetings, most esteemed colleagues of Forumfall Online. I'm writing this to share more about my clan,

Cicatrices Bellorum

Our Symbol

The Cicatrices
were founded in their first incarnation during the advent of Ultima Online, on the Lake Superior server. I was the first; then known as Bart rather than Nihilum, and indeed I had no idea what I was at the time. I was a young pvper; surely no one can blame me for lacking direction. But I knew that pvp would make me a better person; that fighting constantly, challenging people that I knew were better, older and more experienced than me, would teach me how to become better myself. This is the core of Cicatrices Bellorum, the birthplace and the essence, and while we were nameless and lost we held true to a belief that we didn't know we had. We remained drifters, my brothers and I, attaching ourselves to whichever clans were in the thick of pvp conflict. Nothing satisfied us more than to join a losing side, being faced with innumerable opponents and fighting tooth and nail just to come out alive. It didn't take us long to learn that we could be making money doing what we were already doing - thus, near the end of our career in Ultima Online, the 'alias' system was born and we became mercenaries.

Each leader of Cicatrices is given a Latin alias that reflects his personality, strengths, talents and sometimes even his weaknesses. We styled ourselves and one another, though in practice and tradition I'm often the one who assigns a Latin alias - we became Nihilum, we became Eradico, we became Severitas, we became Auctoritas, we became Exuro.... indeed, we became Cicatrices.

From there we drifted on, through careers in Dark Age of Camelot, EVE Online, Anarchy Online, Lineage 2, World of Warcraft (a terrible perversion of pvp though it may be), Planetside, Silkroad, Everquest, Shadowbane; in truth, we've set foot and spilt blood in almost every MMO that would allow it. We never stopped learning from our successes and our mistakes, and every game that we tore our bloody way through made us better, smarter, stronger, more perfect. It was during this time that I gave body to the illusion that was Cicatrices Bellorum - we set in stone our beliefs and traditions, our standard of excellence, our attention to detail and our admiration of pvp worthiness. For the first time ever, we admitted new brothers to our brotherhood. We only accepted the best, the brightest, the ones with the most potential; and
we were ruthless in our recruitment of these people. We would crush entire alliances for a single person, lay cities and dreams to waste to have at our disposal the insight of one talented individual. Nothing was out of reach for us; for we who know what war truly is, there is no other path.

Our exploits are innumerable, but we care nothing for sharing long-forgotten stories of heroic feats. We have the future and more enemies than we could ever hope to dream for; what more could a pvper ask for? And so comes the point of my incessant ramblings; the Cicatrices Bellorum are accepting new members. Our standards for recruitment are no less extreme, so not everyone is ready or qualified to be a member of Cicatrices.

What are we? We're a pvp clan. A brotherhood, no more and no less.

How many members do we have? At the current time, we have about twelve solid members.

How many members do we plan to recruit? During our campaign in Darkfall, our goal is to have approximately fifty well-trained and organized pvpers. We have absolutely no intention of being big, and every intention of being the best.

What are our standards for recruitment? The first and most important thing is an understanding of English, as well as the ability to speak it fluently. Second, one must be interested in pvping constantly; we do not accept non-pvpers. Third, you must be clanless and willing to be a part of a clan; if you're currently a part of a clan you are expected to handle your withdrawal from that clan before applying to join Cicatrices. Finally, you must draft and submit your own application; we will not provide a template for interested individuals to fill out. This final part should be considered the first test of an applicant to Cicatrices Bellorum.

When these conditions are fulfilled, the application can be emailed to cicatricesbellorum@yahoo.com, or PM'd directly to me on these forums.

Where could I find more information about Cicatrices Bellorum? The best place to check is here, our Wiki.

What is our goal in Darkfall Online? We strive always to continue our legacy of excellence. There is no compromise, no faltering; we move always forward and when one obstacle is overcome we must immediately search for our next obstacle. Do we plan to conquer the world? No, of course not. We do plan to develop a city and establish a territory for ourselves, to which end we may require the help of dedicated crafters and resource gatherers.

What are we looking for at the moment? Anyone who is intelligent, fun, interesting, likes to pvp, and fits well into a clan. Specifically we need members that are interested in crafting and gathering resources, but we only need a few of those and it's first come first served. We are also in need of more officers, so highly qualified individuals may be considered for leadership positions (though we make no guarantee, as most of these positions will go to veteran members).

As always, anyone who is interested in simply chatting with members (or leaders) of Cicatrices is more than welcome to join our channel (#cicatrices) on the Stratics network, or to join Darkfall's IRC channel and PM anyone with the [CB] tag. I am genuinely excited to find out what sort of potential the Darkfall community can present, and I eagerly anticipate responses.

--Nihilum, Cicatrix of Cicatrices Bellorum and Thane of Sancta

/ L.K.