Opinions, OMG, and Mortal Online is Delayed Again

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[N]ot all opinions are equal (that by their nature as opinions, they must all be merely equal is the most laughable opinion of all) and [I] would point out that (much to the shock of some) people do tend to prefer their own.

I know I prefer my own (if I didn't, I'd change them until I did) and do so with reason, after having arrived at them largely through the process of rational thought. There's a kind of popular prejudice, however (that some people attempt to spread), against reaching anything like a conclusion at the end of a round of thinking-- I believe it derives from a childish impulse to resent it when others feel that they are right, as if it were a prize to be won instead of a universal human condition.

Oh, and Mortal Online could benefit drastically from another six months of development in Beta.