Baurus's Anti-Goon Point of the Day

Vaguely related through the subject of propaganda, but isn't it cool? No longer to be found at Wikipedia.

[22:22] <[AI]BaurusJA> When someone as smart as Mittens is as admitting this:
[22:22] <[AI]BaurusJA> It is also possible to ruin a propaganda vector to the point that any hostile messages are lost in the static; years ago, the primary EVE forum was unequivocally dominated by Band of Brothers and their allied entities, until Goonswarm ditched the aforementioned forum ban and proceeded to deliberately drag the level of discourse down to that of a flailing, mentally deficient five-year-old
[22:23] <[AI]BaurusJA> Someone as dumb as barrell will follow, full head of steam no questions asked
[22:23] <[AI]BaurusJA> you gotta have people believing in your shit to just come out and say it lol
[22:23] <[AI]BaurusJA> and to not make your own players feel like morons

[22:24] <[AI]BaurusJA> Baurus's anti-goon point of the day
[22:25] <[AI]BaurusJA> :P xD

[22:29] * [WSX]Lepida_Nuykani applauds, takes notes on, and redistributes the wisdom of Baurus.

[22:29] haha I approve of this message

Ceterum autem censeo, Goons esse delendam.