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I know where most of the people viewing this banner will be looking. Or focusing. Whatever else it does or does not offer, TERA must be applauded for keeping the fantasy in their MMO.

Mortal Online hasn't really raised the bar on this kind of thing, as full frontal nudity is not as compelling as near-nudity or déshabillé.

[15:46] <[IX]Lerdoc> do you know a single American that tolerates any form of nudity?

[15:46] <[IX]Lerdoc> they all seem to follow Amish culture on this one

[15:48] <[MOR]Cylox> yea like they flipped out when they saw mass effect "nude scenes" :/

[15:48] <[MOR]Cylox> its okay to shoot someone or cut his head off but never show some nudity .. never!

[15:48] <[WSX]Lepida_Nuykani|BUSY> I live not one hundred miles from places where people have been swimming nude for fifty years. (Not the same persons for all that time. If so, gosh, imagine the pruney wrinkles!) But, yeah.

-- Stratics IRC #mortalonline, 2010, April 21, Wednesday 03:51:35 PM


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... because I feel like I'm standing in an alley going: Psst.


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Darkfall: Come Home, All Is Forgiven?

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...I have to wonder why this hasn't been done earlier.

I would also like the devs to explain why so many (promised before launch) features isn't implemented. I have no problems with the fact that they all weren't implemented, and I understand that there's a whole lot of technical considerations to each feature, but I would like an explanation, and perhaps a statement as to wether or not the features are planned for implementation in the future.

I also have to wonder. I will wonder even more, in the sense of "marvel", if Aventurine pulls off anything like redeeming itself. We shall see. Most of us from a distance.

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The communication is good. For us the biggest problem is not knowing if our good suggestions will be implemented or not.

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I remember Ztyx when he used to seem sane (maybe it was before he lived on Yssam). For his sake (and perhaps to keep him safely occupied away from Mortal Online), may Aventurine implement some good suggestions and keep Darkfall running. (And may he live to spawn another mount, once again. He may suffer from 'Sam flashbacks, but his zeal for relentless self-promotion has, over time, warmed the... parts... of my heart.)

With all the good will in the world, I cannot bring myself to trust the company, and perhaps not even the process, to change this game to make it one the Duchy of Wessex would go back to for a third time.