Vow of Faith, Damien Saaneem

Vow of Faith, Damien Saaneem

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    Post Vow of Faith, Damien Saaneem

    I, Damien Saaneem, with this public vow, give of myself freely and willingly in service to our Radiant and Glorious Lord. I vow to keep myself chaste and pure of heart and mind so that I may cast away all anxiety and doubt and love Him and all His children unconditionally and completely. I relinquish all that I have and all that I posses so that I may become all that I can and so that I may see the world through His eyes. I choose a life of obedience to His voice and to His Church so that I may feel the warmth of His love and I will follow His will above all else.

    Damien Saaneem
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    Brother Damien Saaneem, on behalf of the Church of Soldeus I welcome you into the Order of Saint Jude. May you serve Soldeus, your church and your order through times of joy and times of despair and may the Heavenly Father bless you and your hard work.

    May Soldeus protect you, keep you on the path of righteousness and help you guide those that have fallen from the path back into His loving embrace.


    The Very Reverend Father Elagost Thego
    Vicar of Wessex
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    The College of Arms of the Duchy of Wessex finds this Vow to be in good order, and it is hereby recorded. May the Radiant Lord shine brightly upon the Holy Church and upon all of His Grace's Desmesnes.

    Lady Sothenic
    Mistress of Heralds
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