Note To Rili-Swift, Jan 26, 2011

Yeah, Games...?
from Najwalaylah
to Rili-Swift
We/ssex gave Mortal Online a try, and it wasn't for me-- long story, short summary: problems with repeatedly installing it kind of injured my computer. Now looking for new motherboard and more memory.

Oh, and Wessex's functional roleplay is sometimes dysfunctional roleplay and there was a meltdown (not mine) or two which only proves that even when the chick in the guild avoids drama some of the guys will still find it-- but it still feels like we had a better time than the first time in DFO. Actually had some fun.

Some few are still playing Mortal Online (which is still functionally in beta), some are trying Perpetuum (which interests me about 4 out of ten), and some have gone back to Darkfall (which has apparently improved-- Ninogan is playing it, too, though not with Wessex (W's loss)-- I am looking at the Rift Beta which started without me the other day.
/been sickish
/will be fine.

How are you / what's up?