The Road From Vadda To Moh'ki, A Copy

Your First Mortal Online Adventure! [TM]
The secret of the Road: There is no road.
After creating your character, enter Nave through the town of Vadda; equip your weapon and walk to the gate:
When you're just outside the gate turn right and head for the stable:
Keep following the mountain; from this point on you will be in the wilderness. Beware of large creatures and PKers.
Then, in the distance, there it is: Mount Pointy, the Axis Mundi of Nave:
Lacus Lucanica, some call it; Amaruuk Nuur, or just 'Sausage Lake' to others:
On the right there will be a priest.
It's recommended that you head for the lake at this point. There are wisents near the trees.
You will reach the first river that leads to Bakti. Your swimming will be slow and exhausting, but take heart.
After crossing the first river you will find the second, the one that leads to Moh-Ki.
Follow the river heading to the left. The right fork leads to the swamps of the Brood Isles.
Moh-Ki is just around the corner!
You've almost made it.
A dangerous place to linger.
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