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GM's - Knowledgeable and Unbiased, A paradox? | Mortal Online Forums

[quote="Athanas, post: 1340943, member: 180965"]Let me see if I can give you guys some insight to how the team works. I will start by listing the support ranks from lowest to highest, Counselor, High counselor, Senior high counselor, Game master and Lead game master. With each rank comes a little bit more responsibility and access to different levels of in game commands. The counselor level itself is more of a trial. They can't do much more than unstick someone and restore a pet. To get promoted to HC the individual must prove he or she is reliable and capable of handling themselves appropriately in a support role. Once they have displayed these characteristics they are then granted a few more commands to better assist players with the most common in game issues. A SHC is an individual who has shown above average ability and has a great knowledge of the game as a whole. With this rank up their once again given a few more commands that are needed to assist with some of the more technical and not so common issues. One becomes a game master when they have excelled through all ranks and chosen to give up their right to have involvement in the game. The responsibilities and duties of a GM and the LGM are of the highest.

Now one of the biggest and most controversial subjects when it comes to the support team is biased judgment. One of the most common misconceptions that I see is that because the counselors are players they are making biased decisions. This is far from the truth. When a player has an issue the decision on how to act on this issue is never made by a counselor of any level. Just because the counselor is the one relaying this decision to you does not mean they were the ones that came up with it. In fact they are either following a mandatory policy or they are relaying a message straight from a Game master.

Well now you might ask how the GM's come up with their decisions and policies. I will start by reminding you that the GM's are restricted from having any major involvement in the game. This policy is in place to help ensure that our game Masters are not only making unbiased decisions but are also better able to learn and understand how the game is supposed to function, not necessarily how it's currently functioning. It's no big secret there are some bugs and there are some systems that have some flaws so when writing policies and making decisions knowing how the system and the mechanics are intended to function are what helps us conclude on the proper solution. Anytime there's a decision to be made that involves questionable game mechanics we always consult with the SV development team and CEO directly to make sure that we are moving the game in the direction it was intended to go. No single GM ever writes a policy or makes up a final decision to a new issue without first consulting the LGM and or the rest of the GM team.

I hope this helps to clear up how our team works and dispel some of the rumors.[/quote]