To Serve Mankind

The Draft of a Book I'd like to publish 'in' Mortal Online:

Actual Title: Eaters Of The Dead ²

Authoress: Lorena To'Biath, Huergar Cook

Inscription: Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc ³

Introduction: ⁴

Envy not the enemy
we leave for the the talons of the ravens
and the teeth of wolves

The thirsty ground shall drink his blood,
the wistful rain wash his corpse,
and the wandering wind waft his soul away.

The blackest birds, the scaffold-scavenging
carrion crow, the voracious vulture
swooping down shall feast and fatten
on the marrow of his misbegotten bones.

Mushrooms, morels and mould
shall grow fat in some damp depression
where we leave lying his lost limbs,
his burdensome offal to rot.

For the bones of a man are the bars
to the prison of his flesh
for the punishment of his soul
and so we free who slay him

And by butchery set at liberty the spirit of the foe.
No small boon we grant the the wight
whose life we end, and then flense freely
the flesh unfestered

The sinew tough and soft meat sweet
of corpse once man, to furnish forth
the feasts of honour, valuing
the vanquished as food for the victors.

-- Translated from the Kallard.

Contents: Cannibalistic recipes for culinary delights made from humanoid flesh (Irminae, Jotuni, etc.).

Such foods already exist in-game in primitive forms, but we must have Awakening before we can produce books, or rename recipes to suit ourselves. Items that might be included:

Primordial Soupie Soup:
Main ingredient may be rare and hard to find.

Stir-Fried Kaos:
Nothing personal. I don't even know him.

Thief's Head Sushi:
Already on the menu at a bridge near you.

Braised Veela Cutlets:


Unicorn Meat:
(Caution: may contain pieces of Unicorn Hooves)
And, finally, and in keeping with Mortal Online's full-frontal sensibility, dessert, for those brave souls not afraid to touch it:


Thursar sausage grilled in Thursar skin and hidden in a pudding of corn flour; with a garnish of Twig and Firmwood Berries.

¹ Ultimate line of dialogue from the classic "To Serve Man" TV episode of The Twilight Zone (1962)
² Hommage to the novel Eaters Of The Dead: The Manuscript of Ibn Fadlan, Relating His Experiences With The Northmen, A.D. 922, by Michael Crichton; the basis for the movie The 13th Warrior (1999).
³ Mock-Latin motto of The Addams Family: "We gladly feast upon those who would subdue us."
Alliterative verse, no less, "Kallard"-style.