All Purpose Cultural MMORPG Joke #2

[05:22] <[AI]Casilda_Tametomo> A little Sheevra boy is helping his grandmother cook. As she's preparing the Ambrosial Raw Oats, he steals some of the flour and rubs it all over his face.

[05:23] <[Quad]Darran> I don't get it.

[05:23] <[AI]Casilda_Tametomo> Inside his hood, his little face is all white, and he smiles at her and says "Look, Grammy, I'm a little Human boy!"

His grandmother beats him down to a sliver of health, then tells him sternly that she wants him to go across town and tell his mother what he just told her.

So he does.

His mother looks up from the Fabricula, draws her weapon, and... well, she puts him into mercy mode.

[05:25] <[WSX]DreamInc> XD

[05:25] <[AI]Casilda_Tametomo> "That was the stupidest thing I ever heard a child say", she tells him, "And you just wait until your father hears it. In fact, I want you to go tell him *right now*."

[05:25] <[Omni]Azarah> and then?

[05:26] <[AI]Casilda_Tametomo> So when he recovers enough to walk, he staggers over to where his father is picking someone's pocket. Or trying to. He tells his father what his mother told him to tell to him, and waits.

He doesn't wait long.

[05:27] <[Omni]Azarah> his father snoops the little sheevra boys pockets and runs away

[05:27] <[AI]Casilda_Tametomo> His father beats him to death with his bare hands, telling him, as he does so, "When you get back from the Priest, I want you to come here and tell me what you have *learned*, today."

[05:27] <[Omni]Azarah> my ending was better

[05:27] <[AI]Casilda_Tametomo> So the little boy does; he resurrects at the Priest, and runs back over to where his father is waiting. "Well", he says, "I've learned one thing today, father."


"I've only been Human for half an hour, and I *already* HATE you fucking Sheevra!"