Cats with a K, Prowlers without an L

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("Why Does Every (sic) Attack RPK?")

Najwalaylah said: ?
  • Please explain why "cats" is spelled with a "k".
  • Does this have anything to do with "Amerika with a K"?
  • If the internet hates role playing, why is it the home of so much roleplaying? Discuss the difference between the Internet as a collective person and as a place.
    • For extra credit, give an interpretative dance on the same subject.
  • Who is "Tom" and why is "Jerry"?
    • Link video example, please.
  • Please explain why Star Vault spells "prowlers" without an L.
And Mattk50 answered:
  1. because its kool
  2. No, Amerika is an unkool (also known as "cool") idea, mainly used by survivors of the third reich
  3. Many consider the internet to be a series of tubes. This however, is incorrect. It is actually a tube of series, and as such the collective nature of the internet reflects reality as a whole, with variations due to demographics usage of technology. It is fair to say that in general, the internet is home to a lot of everything. Additionally, due to the increased accessibility of everything on the internet, not only is there a lot of everything, but it is very easy to come across more of everything on a daily basis. As a result, to many it seems that the internet is a home to an excessive amount of roleplaying but this is in fact, not the case, rendering that portion of the question invalid.

    The internet as a place is simple, it is a distributed, decentralized network. The internet is everywhere, it is within you in the form of wifi waves and that dragon dildo you ordered off amazon. As a Collective consciousness, the location of the internet does not matter, and as previously explained the presence of something on the internet is not to be unexpected, rather it should be expected. therefore, the significance of the internet as a place where people may or may not be mentally ill is questionable. The internet as a collective being does not exist as we think of it. It is actually a higher life form, similar to how many consider earth to be a life form under the Gaia theory proposed by James Lovelock so many years ago. As stated by the theory, this means that the internet will one day collapse inward, forming a giant planetary mouth and eat us all for its own entertainment.
  4. Performed by myself, i think this describes the entirety of the subject perfectly.
  5. Tom is the collective representation of our human, flawed selves. Just as tom feels greed and is then struck down, beaten, maimed, and disgraced only to get right back up to stab himself in the gut all over again, we humans are truly pathetic and must strive towards self extermination as soon as im done with this burrito. Jerry is because him has yesterday even go been decided to why look more like.
  6. Be careful, this also proved the existence of our Illuminati overlords.
  7. I am unable. 
Bravo, Mattk50. Bravo.