The Subscription Problem

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I play Mortal Online, a game noted for its problems. I want to talk about *just* the payment -and- non-payment setup for this product.

Star Vault, the makers, have adopted a kind of hybrid system. On top of many, I believe it's yet another problem. People can't even talk about it without getting embroiled.

Some call it F2P: Free to Play. It's free to play a crippled version that's supposed to get you hooked (and sometimes, that works); how crippled? Skills will not operate at more than 60 percent-- not a PvP-viable situation-- and, because of the skill tier system, some abilities remain unavailable. F2Players can't own houses or accept trades of certain items or materials. (This is pretty much how I think it should be for trial players, by the way. If you want to knock over paying customers' sand castles, subscribe.)

Some call it Pay to Win: P2W. However, paying a subscription only gives you an advantage over those who, presumably, are there to try the game and buy if they like it. Supposedly.
  • There's no way, as of yet, to pay more in any kind of cash shop to have an advantage, account for account, over others who also pay.
Naturally, a lot of F2P accounts are actually started to enable those who are already paying to have more storage, do more activities on the side, and participate in the Peen-v-Peen[TM] on some anonymous basis, without paying for another/more accounts.
  • F2P characters can't PvP toe-to-toe, but they can do some other things which people find to be valuable uses of their playing time. Right now, AFK mining with macros is the rage.
I don't know how Star Vault keeps going while letting these non-subscription accounts never expire; though they do have their investors. But development is slow, and more income could only help, to get more people on the team if nothing else.

Seeing how it works for the people making and playing this one game that's gone from subs only to subs plus time-unlimited but gimped trials, I am sure it is premature to announce that the subscription model is dead for games in general.

Bizarre New Dinosaur Blasted By Game Critics: "Ruins Low-Fantasy Earth We've Come To Love"


A Bizarre New Dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous of the American West

By Hans-Dieter Sues, Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology
[Note: Yes. The creature below was written up by Dr. Sues. I could not make this stuff up if I tried.]

A life reconstruction of Anzu wyliei. We know from several partial skeletons that Anzu had a beak, a crested head, huge claws, and long powerful legs. We infer that it had feathers because fossils of closely related species from China preserve clear feather impressions. The artwork is courtesy and copyright of Mark Klingler (Carnegie Museum of Natural History).

Read more here. (At the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.)
[16:32] <[AI]Lepida> MORE HIGH FANTASY 
Every man, woman and child among us 
will sprout a neckbeard 
and get bad.

Diphrael knows what I'm talkin' about:


ArcheAge - An Early Look | Free Online MMORPG and MMO Games List - OnRPG by @ApocaRUFF

Another fun game review...

By Jordan Hall (ApocaRUFF)

ArcheAge is an MMORPG that sets out to achieve the perfect balance of themepark and sandbox. Being developed by XLGames in Korea, it will be published by Trion in North America. Unfortunately, that's still far off. Right now, myself and hundreds of other English-speaking gamers are playing ArcheAge on foreign servers, with the Russian Mail.ru servers being the most popular. This Early Look will be based on my time in the Russian open beta of ArcheAge, where I played with many other OnRPG forum members.
Character Creation and Customization
Character creation in ArcheAge is fairly extensive. If you enjoy sliders, you'll enjoy making your character. With the extensive customization available to you, creating a beauty (or a monster) is quite possible. Personally, I went with a mutated demon cat with an afro. Needless to say, I was impressed with the creation process.
... read more of Jordan's review here,
and stalk him @ApocaRUFF