I Voted, Once, And I Feel So Guilty

[08:10] <@HenrikNystrom> http://guldchipset.se/ansokan/mortal-online/    <- Click on hype button, could give more development fundings :)

[08:10]  Mmmyeez..

[08:11]  hey henrik  whats up! :P

[08:12] <@HenrikNystrom> Patching MO, gotta get my fix

[08:12]  hello henrik
[08:13]  long time without seeing you

[08:14] <@HenrikNystrom> Hello

[08:15]  don't you have a more recent screenshot for that page HenrikNystrom?
[08:15]  the combat beta was quite some time ago

[08:16] <@HenrikNystrom> Well, seems like we forgot to add those newer screen shots on our websiute since we had that update
[08:16] <@HenrikNystrom> so I just took what I found on there
[08:16] <@HenrikNystrom> I just signed the game up for fun, if it bring us anything then great,

[08:21]  I plus it !
[08:21]  how is it a first person shooter though?
[08:21]  o.O

[08:22] <@HenrikNystrom> erh... first person rpg wasnt available
[08:22] <@HenrikNystrom> first person is important as we are unique with that
[08:23] <@HenrikNystrom> which I state below in description
[08:23] <@HenrikNystrom> first person sandbox mmorpg