The Real Reason We Have Risar

I'm shocked that no-one has suggested the obvious:

  • they used to steal Human children and eat them
  • then started breeding a captive population
  • those humans eventually escaped after many generations of warped and warping existence to become the Risar-- which would explain neatly why Risar and Humans can interbreed, and why Risar think nothing of keeping slaves themselves.
  • Mushrooms![1]
  • Profit.

[1] What else would make the amount of metal they wear piercing their flesh seem like a good idea?


On The Nature Of Art

Art is "making shit up".

It began when one primate flung dookie at another, it missed, hit a big rock and the flinger went over and smeared it around until-- to him-- the smear resembled the flingee.

2015-04-05 18-34 MO Public TS

" RAIN Destroyed: Who-the-hell, Why-the-hell" NT

"To Be Mortal, Online"

This experience, one likely similarly lived by many who have played Mortal Online, seems run of the mill. I struggled against another person; playing to the best of my ability; making my own choices to put me in the situation; having my desires clash against that of another; and ultimately losing. But even an event such as this carries value, all manifested through these different aspects of the game. At the intersection between game feel, player and creator authorship, and player diversity through play styles, my experiences in Mortal Online translated to a unique, personal, and highly significant experience that carried real world societal value outside of the game. How else would I learn that being a lone wolf would otherwise manifest into many of my own arrow studded corpses at the bottom of a river?
-- from a Medium article by Matthew Pon